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Mật (Honey)

Mật (Honey)

Characterized. Mật is a silly chubby bear. It's the most laid-back member in the Gang. While others are busy on the ground, Mật is floating on the cloud. There is nothing that makes Mật pay attention but honey. That's why Mật rarely concerns or hates anyone, anything. All they need is just to eat a whole jar of honey, and belly out sleep under the sun. “That’s it! My endless beautiful life…”


Social support. By purchasing this product, you’ll contribute to raising the income of ethnic minority women in Vietnam. In the meantime,  5% of the proceed will go to Touched.Wish (our charity fund for disadvantaged children, especially ethnic minority children) or other charity funds.


Bespoke (optional). Mật belongs to you. Any nickname or the name of the owner could be hand-embroidered on the doll. You pick the letters and my team will do it. Make it be the one-of-a-kind!

  • ​​​​​​Doll size:

    • 35cm Height x 22cm Width x 9cm Depth
    • 215 gram Weight

    How to care:

    • surface clean only (with natural detergents) 
    • indirect sunlight dry 
    • no wring­, no bleach, no iron 
    • gently by hands 

    A set of the doll includes:

    • 1 stuffed doll
    • 1 doll's outfits 
    • 1 hand-drawn postcard
    • optional: more outfits, a custom-made embroidered name, and a kraft paper wrapped gift box

    Dolls Outfits

    You choose the styles & colors of the doll's outfits in general. As they're made of upcycled fabric, the fabric won't be fixed as in the pictures. Touched.Studio picks the most similar ones with your wishes. 

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