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Chapter 1: From Seed To Yarn

Our textile dolls are hand-made from natural materials. Every dolls are like multi-chapter stories, have been through over 200 processing steps in order to become companions in children's own worlds.

''From Seed to Doll'' is a diary about the journey of the main textile that are carefully recorded by us. Materials is a key factor in making children products. They need to be clean and eco-friendly. Therefore, researching and supervising material zones has been always our priority.

Firstly, the hemp seeds:

The main material that we choose for our doll is Hemp fabric, one of the oldest textile in the world. This textile takes almost 200 processing steps from sowing the seed to the fine fabric that is qualified for Touched.Studio's standards. This textile making step is conducted by Hmong traditional artisans.

The yarns are made from the branches of hemp trees. After harvest, the skins of the branches will be peeled off into smaller pieces. These pieces will be hand pounded, linked together and soaked into water. It sounds simple and fast, but it's the longest step of Hemp Fabric Craftsmanship.

Next, the artisan spins them into raw yarns by a simple foot spinner:

These yarns will be boiled in water with firewood ash, then incubated within 3 days. After, the fiber will be washed and kept being incubated in the water with stove ash.

Differently from the 1st time, this time takes only 1 day to incubate; then the artisan washes the yarns again. This process of ‘’boiling- 1 day incubating - washing’’ is repeated 5-7 times depending on the quality of stove ash.

At the last step, the artisans add beeswax, wash again and dry them. The yarns finally will become soft and white naturally, without any chemical involvement, ready to be weaved.

Below pictures show the transformation of hemp from branch fiber to fine yarns:


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