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Forest Gang

1st doll collection
since 2018

Once upon a time, far from the deep forest, there were 5 best friends. They called themselves "Forest Gang".  Each of them had their own personalities but all share the same desire for adventures outside the forest.


But sadly, they were forbidden to travel as ancient rumors went that humans out there were cruel to animals. Well, the rumors this time definitely did not make a good job, instead, just drove them more thirsty for the day they could see the outside world with their bare eyes. 

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One day, the gang decided to skip school and went to the woodland edge. What had they found?

Another school skipping buddy? A giant monster? A village of humans? 

Oops, all wrong, sorry. For some reason, they'd found a house of a Hmong family. They were handloom weaving their hemp fabric on the house's porch. And they were putting something on their bodies. They were not naked like them. What were they doing? What were they wearing?

All were so new and exciting to Forest Gang. What did they gonna do next?


Let's make your imagination go far away and make your own fairy tales for the Forest Gang Doll you pick. 

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