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FROM SEED TO DOLL. It's our product motto, of which the main material, hemp, shows its beauty. The beauty lies in its own nature and in the endless love from our ethnic minority artisans who sow the seeds, spin the yarns, weave and dye them into remarkable hemp fabric.

The fabric takes around 2 years for 200 steps of the whole process.

Hemp seeds consume foggy rains of Spring to germinate. The hemp branches need Summer sunshine to be fully dry. Autumn is the time for Hmong women to wander through terraces to weekly flea markets, with their left hands wrapped by hemp strings peeled off from the branches. They still manage to make a bargain of their homemade food with customers while the hands are busy jointing hemp fiber together. When the freezing wind of Winter comes, they're happy being at home, side by side their hand-downed weaving loom to turn the yarns into each centimeter of the remarkable fabric.

​Another year arrives. Since the combination of sunshine and firewood ash makes the fabric whiter and softer gradually, the artisans just wish for constant cloudless summer days. By the time summer heat cools down a bit, they're going to hike into the forest to find leaves, flowers, roots... for dyeing the fabric, naturally. Last but not least, the most fascinating step is related to a few hundred kilograms stone slab. It's an ancient technique from their ancestors. They stand on the stone and start to roll it through the fabric until it's smooth, softer, and a bit glossy. 

After that, these hemp rolls were brought to our studio. We cut the fabric into dolls' shapes yarn by yarn, stuff the doll with the purest cotton. The finishing steps are to stitch the neck and embroider every single face with natural indigo threads. Another 24 steps are done directly at the studio.

From Seed To Doll. This isn't an easy journey, especially when it comes to craftsmanship and naturality. It requires much care and patience coming from love. Luckily, that's all we have. 

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