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"Since the first day of adventures throughout the highlands of Vietnam, I have never stopped being eager to meet minority artisans and learn from them. This emotion has made me realize that I need to return to the city with a clear mission: to find a way to make their traditions alive. This story should be told by our handmade dolls, the inspiration messengers."

In the journey of 'From Seed To Doll'

Nguyen Bui

the founder

1.png, from seed to doll

a sustainable craft studio, born in 2017, making dolls and other kids goodies by using natural fiber and artisanal traditional fabric.



Nov 2015

Mar 2017

Nov 2017

Jun 2018

Aug 2018

Jun 2019

Oct 2019

Oct 2020


Slow Fashion

Meet Minority Artisans

Touched was born

British Council's Exhibition

1st Doll

1st Toy Crafting Workshop


Credited by local TVs and news

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